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“Providing Positive Solutions for Dogs showing Fearful, Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour”
Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Dog Training Dunfermline

For Dog Owners

I can help you find a successful resolution for your Dog’s Fearful, Reactive, or Aggressive behaviour towards Yourself, other Dogs, or other Humans either inside of your home or outside. Available for one to one sessions in Dunfermline, Edinburgh and other areas.

For Dog Rescues & Shelters

I can help you find a successful resolution for dog behaviour problems shown by a dog under your care by working with you or directly with the dog itself to make sure the adoption process will go as successful as possible.

dog trainer dunfermline

“I work towards a better Relationship and Understanding between Humans Dogs.”

  • positive review  We have been working with Ricardo for a few weeks now with my boy copper who was reactive to other dogs he would lunge and bark at them now he is a completely different dog his behaviour towards other dogs has almost come full circle still got some work to do but it’s all thanks to Ricardo he is just brilliant with copper and myself Can’t recommend him enough 🐶💙

    Cheryl Goldie Jones Avatar Cheryl Goldie Jones
    20 February 2020
  • positive review  100% recommend Ricardo, 6 months into working with Ricardo and it's like I have a completely different dog. It's been difficult but now we have a foundation for her, never in my life did I expect Nia to be able to enjoy being outdoors nor did I think she would manage trips to Starbucks. Before Ricardo the 4 or 5 previous trainers we worked with before eventually gave up on Nia so I was very sceptical about getting anywhere but I'm so thankful for Ricardo and would recommend him to anyone. He doesn't give up on a dog and even though Nia and myself both have a long way to go in building both our confidence, none of this would of been possible without him and I look forward to continuing to work with Ricardo in the future

    Melissa Black Avatar Melissa Black
    20 January 2020
  • positive review  We just want to say a massive thank you to Ricardo who was extremely helpful with our dog! Our dog Rusty was showing lots of aggression toward family members! when Ricardo came first time he defined a problem straight away! With his training and advices we achieved a positive improvement in our dog! Thank your Ricardo so much! 100% recommend this guy!

    Ludmila Janovska Avatar Ludmila Janovska
    15 January 2020
  • positive review  We went to Ricardo a few months ago because our dog Dora (french bulldog), was reactive towards other dogs/kids, this caused her to get stressed. After several sessions we have seen massive difference in Dora’s behaviours. Ricardo is very patient with Dora and us and his knowledge is amazing. Dora is now able to interact with other dogs which we didnt think would ever be possible before meeting him. Dora also requires ear drops for her allergies which we were unable to administer as she was not forthcoming with it. With a few simple steps of training from Ricardo he manages to overcome this issue. Cant thank/recommend Ricardo enough. 5*!!!

    Kev Jackson Avatar Kev Jackson
    18 December 2019
  • positive review  Ricardo helped us with Suzy who was cautious around other dogs she is now more calm when out walking on the lead and improving everyday would definitely recommend Ricardo *****

    Doreen Stobbs Avatar Doreen Stobbs
    13 December 2019
  • positive review  I went to Ricardo for help with my excitable spaniel coby. We were having issues with recall and other excitable behaviour. Ricardo understood Coby’s needs and provided me with the best techniques to use and now after working with Ricardo have notice a huge difference in cobys behaviour and his connection with me. I would definitely recommend Ricardo, he has a full understanding of dogs and their behaviours, he has greatly improved my confidence with training coby as well.

    Fiona Kipling Avatar Fiona Kipling
    9 December 2019
  • positive review  Riccardo was a life line for us when we rescued our Staffordshire BT in March this year. He had met Maddie while she was in kennels and helped her on her journey through foster care and then to us , her forever home. It was very hard going in the first few weeks as Maddie had developed alot of behavioural problems. This was mainly due to stress and given her history, was understandable. We knew it would be a challenge and when we took her home, we were faced with behaviours like jumping, sctratching, mouthing which at times was really hard and painful! As well as toilet training, , unable to walk outside and more....... Riccardo initially came to the house for a couple of sessions and was able to show us training techniques so we could cope and develop the trust and bonds we needed to to progress with our new life together with Maddie. We progressed to outside sessions and she responded immediately after each session. Riccardo was very patient with Maddie and us, her owners! He genuinely loves dogs and his role to help them. There is no dog behavioural situation, he can't help with. He is totally committed to his role and is passionate about what he does. He was a godsend during our first few weeks with Maddie. 5 months on , we still use the techniques and are able to adapt them to other training, recall for example. Maddie is a different dog now and is really settled. I would highly recommend Riccardo. He is always there to support you online as well as face to face. 5 stars from us 🐾😃❤

    Caron 'Fitzgerald' McQuade Avatar Caron 'Fitzgerald' McQuade
    4 August 2019
  • positive review  Ricardo has been helping me and my dog witn reactivity and nervous behaviour around other dogs. Every session I see a great change in behaviour and my dog thoroughly enjoys her training and has really bonded with Ricardo which says a lot as she isnt interested in humans outside of her family. I would highly recommend Ricardo as he looks at your dog as individual and tailors training to fit rather than expecting your dog to fit a standard mould!

    Louise Barr Avatar Louise Barr
    1 August 2019
  • positive review  Ricardo helped greatly with my dog who was reactive towards other dogs. lemmy is now enjoying his walks and becoming much more confident with other dogs,his behaviour has changed so much and for the better!

    Cassie Cattus Avatar Cassie Cattus
    12 May 2019
  • positive review  i have tried taking treats,out with ne and try get her ti look at ne and listen to ne ti gice her a treat ,,dont workcas she aint one fir treats lol

    Debbie McWilliams Avatar Debbie McWilliams
    29 March 2019