Simple but not easy

My training sessions with Harvey the pup are still running.

A few days ago we started to work on connected walks, just in time for Harvey to start learning how to walk when on lead, now that he starts to grow bigger, taller and stronger!

It was our first session on connected walks and for sure Harvey and his dad need to work on it.

This is one of the skills that are fairly simple to teach a dog, but not that easy.

The reason why it is simple is that the rules are just 2.

And the reason for not being simple is that you need to stick to such rules 100% from the moment you start if you want it to work.

The interesting part is that I went over it with my own dog,

and I know exactly what it means to have a dog that pulls.

And I also know what it feels to do the training and be super consistent with those rules.

And Now, I am happy to say, I know what is on the other hand of the process.

I know what it feels like to really enjoy a walk with my dog without this issue anymore.

Want to see a training tutorial?

Check out the one in my video library!

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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