Constructional Affection – Practical 2

Back with a video based on Constructional Affection Approach that I learned from Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz.

I posted a couple of videos on this topic before and if you did not watch them I really encourage you to do it so you understand what I am working here.

Also to see the original Ruby’s behaviour and how much it has changed since I started to apply CA with her.

In this video, you can watch me staying inside of her kennel for the first and applying CA for the first time as well in that environment.
Naturally, the kennel itself increases stress and overall arousal and results in Ruby’s behaviour becoming more intense.
Although she did engage in jumping, it was not as intense or repeated as in the first times even when outdoor.

Again, check the previous practical video to see how her behaviour was at that time.

If your dog jumps on your or others, this is a good approach to deal with it.

If your dog is overly aroused, this is a good approach to deal with it.

If your dog seems restlessness, this is a good approach to deal with it.

Constructional questions, thoughts or comments are welcome.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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