Dakota the Staffie, Reactive Behaviour – Conclusion

Do you Remember Dakota the Staffie?

I have been posting about our training process for a while.

If you have not seen previous posts about Dakota, I encourage you to do it so that you can see the beginning of the process and how we have been progressing over time.

Dakota (brown), Bella (blue) and her mom came to see me some time ago because Dakota would bark and lunge at other dogs and Bella would also bark at them.

After our consultation, we decided to work with Dakota only because I had a feeling that Bella was just following her sister.

We worked with Dakota for some time on her reactive behaviour until we felt it was time to bring them together again.

Last week we had a training session with both and all went as planned.

Because Dakota is feeling so much better around other dogs she’s not lunging, barking or even showing any sign of discomfort around them, Bella is completely neutral and is not reacting to them anymore like before.

I am so proud of the success I have achieved with them and happy that Dakota’s mom avoided other trainers who, before myself, advised on punitive methods (slip leads, kicks, etc) to deal with Dakota’s reactive behaviour.


I would like also to mention that Dakota’s mom worked very hard throughout all the process and without that component, we would probably not have achieved what we did, especially in such a short time.

I will still meet them one more time in a couple of weeks to make sure all is going well, nevertheless, well done!

Thank you Dakota, Thank you Bella, and Thank You Dakota & Bella’s Mom for the awesome journey.

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




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