Thank you All for Your Support!

Thank you all!!

Thank you for your support and kindness along this journey.

Thank you to the ones who follow me to share love and thank you for the ones who follow me to share hate.

I really appreciate your support, and I know that I will probably never meet many of you in person, nevertheless, you matter to me!

And, If you would like to see more posts, more information, more videos, more photos, more stuff about my journey in dog behaviour and training…

If you would like to help me further to make this happen for a long time, then there is one simple way you can do it.

Even if you will never meet me in person there is one way you can help me, and maybe help yourself by the things you find on this page as well.

You can help by Commenting, Sharing and Tagging on my posts.

That will make my page more visible to others, spread the word of Respectful and Compassionate Dog Education and give me more opportunities to create content to spread with all of you guys.

Thank you in advance!

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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