The Power of Choice – A Reflection on Alfie’s session


We all enjoy being able to make choices…

And we usually feel frustrated when we can’t.

The ability to make Choices is one of our biggest needs, the choice to choose what is best for us, the choice to achieve our goals, the choice of choosing our path in life.

And what about Dogs?

Do they need that same thing?

Do they need to feel the freedom to make choices?

Will their behaviour improve if we provide choices?

Check the video for more on that!

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Published by RicardoMinistro@connectedbehaviour

Connected Behaviour Non-Aversive Dog Training uses only non-aversive and science-based training methods under any circumstances with any dog while improving the relationship and understanding between Humans and Dogs. We focus on creating empowering, positive experiences for both Humans and Dogs as a practice to enhance the life of both.

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