Training to Wait at the Door (Intrahousehold Aggression)

Here is a short clip of one of my recent sessions with Skye and Jasper.

For those who do not know, Skye and Jasper are siblings and they were having some problems between themselves.

Skye would show intense aggressive behaviour towards Jasper inside of the house almost on a daily basis until we started to work together.

Intrahousehold Aggression is one of the hardest cases to work, mainly because it is necessary to apply a very strict management plan in the first place and even though the dogs may see each other more often then they should, which does not provide the ideal time to relax in between training sessions.

Nevertheless, we did loads of progress until now and there has not been one single aggressive behaviour from Skye in a long time.

To work with this type of cases we need to work hard on behaviours under voluntary human cues so that we can lead the dogs in the most positive way when they share the same areas.

One of the critical points in their daily life is going out.

Because they are walked together, there is a point of possible aggression when they go out of the house (3 doors to go through in this case). Mainly because both Skye and Jasper rush through the doors to go out and that might be enough to trigger aggressive behaviour in Skye towards Jasper.

So here we are teaching Skye to wait calmly at the door before going for walks.

We could speak tons about this topic, but I will let this open for discussion if you guys are interested.

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Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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