Bella the Rescued Staffie – Connected Walks W/Out Food

– Is your Dog not taking food outside and you do not know how to train him?

– It is Dog pulling on the lead and you really would like to teach him Connected Walks?

– Have you heard about Functional Reinforcers?

Last week I met Bella for a session.

Because Bella was pulling so strong on the lead and her mom finds it very hard to take Bella for walks we decided to start to develop that area.

Although, Bella is at this moment showing an allergy and was moved to a completely new diet.

And she cannot get any special treats at the moment…

So I was asked, can we train Bella without food?

My answer was “Yes, definitely”

There is a group of reinforcers which are denominated as Functional Reinforcers, and that is exactly why Behaviour occurs in the first place, to achieve such reinforcers.

And so, we spent our session teaching Bella (and her mom) about Connected Walks using Functional Reinforcers.

Here is a short clip of it.

Let me know your answer to the questions at the top of this post, I will be happy to answer you back.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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