Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

Training Dogs while we give them the freedom to make choices is one of my stepping stones.

Freedom of Choice is important for all parts, even if that is not the first option for some, it is for me.

I will give as much freedom as possible without compromising safety.

I want the learner to learn to make choices that are more appropriate for us humans and I want that to happen as naturally as possible.

Yes, it is Training, but for me, Training is taking control of Life to produce specific outcomes.

Any human that understands Learning and Behaviour will understand that Behaviour is mainly a consequence of the Environment and to change it at any point we need to interact with the Environment.

Here I am handling Carmen, while I give her as much freedom as possible to make choices.

Independently of Carmen’s choices, there are no wrong choices.

Any Choice Carmen makes is always, always be the best option at the moment, for her!

And I will take those Choices as information about her experience with the world and where can I help her further.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Photography @Purplethistlephotograph

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