The Lead


The lead is a big part of our Relationship with Dogs.

The lead will make our Relationship Better, or it will make our Relationship worse.

It is a security point, but more than that, it is the daily connection between us and the dogs.

And the lead is still overlooked.

It is overlooked because many people simply see it as a barrier to keep their dogs and they tend to forget that there is a Dog with feelings and sensations in the other end of the lead.

If humans would be really aware of the other end of the lead, they would do their best to master their side of it from day one, rather than just focus on the dogs’ side.

We all need to understand that the lead is just a channel of whatever we want a dog to experience.

Master the lead handling skills with Respect and Compassion and your Dog will Trust you more.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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