Harris the GSD, Reactive Behaviour – Amazing Breakthrough (Positive Reinforcement Only!)

Amazing Breakthrough by Harris in our last session.

We have been working for about a month now and last Saturday we had the best moments of our process.

Several dogs at really close distance and Harris simply decided to check on them and then on his mom without even a single noise or pull.

This is a very important step that will allow us to go further in his therapy.

Maybe you know, or maybe don’t, but… Harris and his family were seeing another trainer previously and they were told that Harris Reactive Behaviour needed to be “zapped” out of him with an electric shock collar.

The “Trainer” Said that It Could Only Be Done With an Electric Shock Collar!

I am so glad that Harris family got in touch with me and ignored the advice from the other “Trainer” of Torturing Harris to Change His Behaviour.

And here we are, 1month later, helping Harris feeling more comfortable around dogs and improving his behaviours only with Positive Reinforcement Training.

Still some way to go, nevertheless, amazing already.

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Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




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