Clicker Training a Dog to Relax around Children

Here is a short clip of my last, super cool session with Gertie and her family.

Gertie is a young pup who is going through the common puppy phase showing several behaviours that we humans do not really appreciate.

We have been working together to Educate Gertie in the best way possible to develop life skills which will allow her to be a social and stable dog in the human world.

In our last session, we focused mainly on shaping her behaviour around children.

Young dogs and young children are not the best fit if we do not educate both parts on how to behave when together.

Here you can watch Gertie being Clicker Trained to relax around young children instead of jumping and knock them down as she did before.

We all had great fun during this session, and I am sure that Gertie did as well!

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Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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