Reactivity. When Freedom of Choice is the Answer.

Is your Dog Reactive?

Does it happen on the lead?

If so, this video should help.

This is Einer, and he would bark at every dog and person a few weeks ago.

We started to work together some weeks ago and after a couple of sessions, we can see Einer with different, as much more desirable behaviour on his walks.

The motivation for Einer’s behaviour was fear and insecurity, and this was making him bark at dogs and people do protect himself before anything could happen.

What we did was providing him more Freedom of Choice through a longer lead and apply appropriate lead handling skills in the right circumstances.

Only that, made a use difference, as Einer can now choose to get closer or further away as he wishes instead of being and feeling trapped like he did before.

Many people, including dog professionals, would see his behaviour as “bad behaviour” and simple use punishment through slip leads, choke chains and prong collars to stop him for barking…

But that would be the same as punching a baby for crying without caring for the reason behind it.

Professional Dog Behaviourists use Positive Reinforcement Training to care for your Dog’s Needs and Provide Positive Experiences so they can show a behaviour that is more appropriate for us humans.

We all have Emotions, including Dogs.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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