Direction and Movement

Aggressive, Reactive and Anxious Behaviour

Direction and Movement

Did you know that our Direction and Movement affects the behaviour of Dogs?

This is important to consider, especially with Reactive, Aggressive or Anxious Dogs.

The way we move our body within the Environment affects how the Dogs move as well, and this can either influence them positively or negatively.

The same about the Direction.

The Direction we choose when moving within the Environment influences massively the behaviour of the dog we are with, and many times it us who lead them to behave in ways we would prefer to avoid, only because we were not aware of our direction.

Next time, during the walk with your Dog or the Dog you are working with, pay special attention to your body movements and ask yourself if those movements are leading the dog to feel less stressed or worried.

The same with your Direction. Pay attention to where you go with the dog and how you get there.

Again, ask yourself if that is the best “path” you could choose to help the Dog be successful.

Let me know what kind of answers did you get to those questions.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Photography @purplethistlephotograph

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