“It just takes a bit of love”

“It just takes a bit of love”

“It just takes a bit of love” is what my friend Eva told me, while I was having my hair cut in her salon.

How many of us pay for a service and we end up regretting it?

I certainly did and is the worst feeling.

Finding a professional barber or hairdresser to care for my hair for example… Oh, men, that is not easy!

That is why I travelled a decent distance to have my haircut done by my friend.

There are tons of people providing services in all the areas we can think of.

But not all of them are Professionals…

In fact, the minority is.

Many will say they know, many will say they can, many will show papers to prove their competence when in the end, they do not make the money we pay worth.

It just takes a bit of love to learn, it just takes a bit of love to develop, it just takes a bit of love to help, it just takes a bit of love to do the best I can for Dogs.

And Love, that is something not everybody can share, but those who can will certainly thrive.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




Photography @purplethistlephotograph

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