Sometimes we need to lead our dogs.

Reactive Behaviour.

Short clips of yesterday’s session with Zac the Staffie.

Zac does not trust other dogs when they are too close to him and will freeze, lunge and growl at them.

We have been working on the basics of his behaviour therapy and in this clip, we are using appropriate handling skills and body awareness to teach Zac’s mom to walk from “A to B” in the presence of another dog.

The other dog is not too close, but close enough to get Zac’s attention.

We all need to understand that sometimes we need to lead our dogs, and although I do like to promote the dogs’ freedom of choice, sometimes that cannot be done, just like in this part of our training session.

This is important to know, as we cannot control everything that happens in the real world, and we need to know what is the best approach with minimal negative impact for the dog if we need to use it.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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