Gertie – Over Excitement around other Dogs, Pt.1

Gertie the pup is growing and spending more time outside.

With that, she has new opportunities to experience the world and show new behaviours.

Some behaviours are completely accepted by us humans, some others not.

Gertie’s excitement towards other dogs is represented by pulling, barking and whining and these are not the behaviours that the majority of us want to see in our pups.

Obviously, Gertie is still young and she is learning. Harm her, force her, or intimidate her in any way for doing such behaviours is not just bad education, it is also the fastest way to destroy any Trust your pup might have with you, lower their overall Confidence and possibly make her behaviour much worse.

Here you can watch Gertie showing these problematic behaviours.

Next video will be posted tomorrow on how we are educating Gertie and improve her behaviour around other dogs.

Thank you, Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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