Gertie – Over Excitement around Dogs, Pt.2

Part 2 of Gertie Serie I will be posting over this week.

If you did not see Part 1 posted yesterday, I advise you to do it.

Here you can watch how I work with young pup Gertie and her dad and teach her to behave in a more appropriate way around other dogs.

Some trainers would put a choke chain on her and choke her every time she pulled, whined or barked towards others dogs.

Maybe even put an e-collar and zap her as a consequence for those behaviours.

Although, as you might know, I am completely against any methods that harm a dog physically or mentally.

But more than that, scientific studies showed and keeps showing that Positive Reinforcement Methods are the best approach for several reasons.

That aside, speaking in basic language, nobody likes to be beaten up in a physical or mental way. Neither do Dogs.

Here I am using clicker training to mark and reinforce more appropriate behaviours in the presence of other dogs, while the lead is used as a management tool to prevent unwanted behaviours from escalating os getting reinforced.

As you can see, Gertie tried her old behaviour for a while but then changed her approach and got reinforced for that several times.

She even moved away quite happily by the end.

If you really want to help your Dog, pick a Professional with updated knowledge in Dog Training & Behaviour.

If your Dog is showing any behaviour problems and you need professional help,

Get in touch with me. I can help you and your Dog.

Thank you, Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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