Gertie – Over Excitement around others Dogs, Pt.3

Part 3 of Gertie Series

If you have not watched the previous videos, I advise you to do it so that you will understand what is being done here.

As you watched in the previous video, we started to work at a distance which was ideal at that moment to keep Gertie successful and able to be reinforced repeatedly for her good choices.

In this video, you can see that we are already working at a very close distance from other dogs and Gertie is able to continue to make good choices in the presence of several dogs due to her past learning history in similar situations.

Dogs are always learning, and they learn exactly what is being taught directly or indirectly by their Human parents. Once we understand the Antecedents and Consequences for the Behaviours, we can then reshape or build new behaviours that are more appropriate for us Humans.

Also, it is still worth to mention for some at least, that all the process was and is being done through Positive Reinforcement based methods and proper lead handling skills and body awareness from the human side.

This is not only good in training terms, but also good for our relationship with the dogs, the trust they have in us, and the quality of life, both physical and mental for all parts involved.

Positive Reinforcement Works, and it works with Every Dog.

If your Dog is showing any behaviour problem and you would like to get Professional help, please get in touch with me, I can help.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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