Gary the Great Dane – Excitement and Frustration S.1

Video of my first session with Gary the Great Dane.

This was recorded some weeks ago, but only now had the time to start editing.

As you can see, Gary is a big and heavy boy and although a very stable dog overall, he can find hard to ignore some dogs and become frustrated if not allowed to go and meet them.

He will focus on other dogs, stop, pull, bounce and sometimes become more vocal towards them.

All these behaviours only happen when Gary is on the lead, which is the main reason why they happen in the first place.

Controlling Gary physically could be an option. And an option that the majority would implement.

Although, that would not take into consideration the function of his behaviour neither teach him a new skill, which is what we will be developing together for the foreseeable time.

More videos to come soon.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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