Science, Not Opinions.

Science, Not Opinions.

I spent my past weekend at Clicker Expo Luminos. 3 Days (and nights to be honest) learning, discussing and sharing about Dog Behaviour and Training.

For those who do not know, Clicker Expo is one of the best Conferences around the world on the subject of Animal Training and brings together the best of the best.

In the photo you can see some of the speakers.

On the left we have Grisha Stewart, the creator of Behaviour Adjustment Training System, an extremely well-accepted approach to deal with Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs.

After Grisha, we have Ken Ramirez, an international speaker and animal trainer with a really interesting background and a few decades of experience. He is responsible for several Conservation Training Projects. He trains from Elephants to Butterflies to alter their behaviour so that their species will survive longer in our world.

After Ken we have Emma Parsons. Emma created the protocol Click to Calm to deal with problematic behaviours, which is also used worldwide by many professional trainers. She presented on an updated version of this system.

On the right side, we have Dr Jesús Rosales-Ruiz, a Behaviour Analysis professor at the University of North Texas. He has been developing different systems to alter the behaviour of dogs and is a very knowledgeable human on why’s and how’s of Behaviour.

There were a few more speakers which are not in this picture, but extremely important as well like Dr Susan Friedman from which I have been learning as well.

This is what backs up my work with Dogs, I do not simply act upon my opinions, and I also know exactly why aversive (punishment-based) techniques work. I also know why I choose to not use them, and this is also not simply based in my opinion.

Professionals are updated on the latest methods and approaches and keep learning so they can offer the best to their clients (humans and dogs).

Again, I say, Science, Not Opinions.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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