Welfare, Not just Training

This is Bronson the rescued Staffie.

Bronson was adopted by a lovely family with whom he shares his new life.

Although, due to his past, Bronson is very insecure of other dogs and humans and will try to protect himself from them.

I spent one hour with Bronson and his mom and kept some distance from them to not stress Bronson in any way with my presence.
Shortly after I was handling the lead without an issue and even hand-fed Bronson some chicken treats.

Bronson would freeze and become very tense when he saw another dog or human. Sometimes he would become so nervous that his body started to shiver intensely. His tail tucked during every “encounter”. And with all these signs, Bronson did not bark or lunge once throughout our session. Which for many, are the “only signs visible”… And this is when people use the expression “the dog bit out of the blue”… Well, not really, You Just did Not see it coming.

We will be working together for the foreseeable future to improve Bronson’s welfare.

Yes, Welfare.

Living in a state of constant stress and fear is highly damaging for any animal.

Updates will be posted in the future.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro
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