Gary the Great Dane is improving tons!

Gary the Great Dane is improving tons!

A few days ago I had another session with Gary and it was indeed the best session with had until now.

We have been working together to improve his behaviour around other dogs when he’s on lead.

Before our sessions, Gary would lunge, bounce, bark and growl when not allowed to meet them.

2 weeks ago we achieved a new level where he could watch dogs at a relatively short distance without any of the problematic behaviours showing up and by the end when the dogs left, he would come with his mom.

By then we still had problems to ask him to come away from other dogs during their presence or in the middle of an interaction.

In this week’s session, we focused mainly on that problem and we overcome such problem within the same session.

At the moment, in the presence of other dogs and during interactions we are able to request Gary to come with us in a different direction.

He did it again and again during our session which is an amazing improvement.

Obviously, we still need to work on this part and later on put all the steps together as it will be implemented in a normal day when he will be on walks with his mom, nevertheless, Gary did really well!

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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