“My Dog pulls on walks” Not anymore.

“My Dog pulls on walks”

Another common behaviour problem in dogs that many humans do not appreciate at all…

Some will simply “accept it” and be dragged all over the place.

Some will get slip leads, choke chains and prong collars to deal with the issue. (Not a smart option, really)

(Few will actually teach their dog to walk with them through Positive Reinforcement)

One of the biggest barriers humans face in relation to the education or training of their dogs is – “he is a puller”, “she is a jumper”, “he is reactive”, “she is aggressive”, “she IS…he IS”

As IF it is a FIXED problem and the dog cannot learn something else.

Opie used to pull as well, and hard.

Today he walks nicely and is rare when he gets to the end of the lead.

It is such an amazing feeling, to comfortably walk with a dog in a public area and feel that we are both enjoying it.

He was not…He is not… He learned to. Like your Dog can, like every Dog Can.

– Would you like to go for a walk with your Dog without feeling dragged all over the place and actually enjoy it the best you can?

– Get in touch with me, I can help you and your Dog.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




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