Meet Saffie

Last Thursday I spent my morning at @staffiesmilesrescue assessing a new dog who arrived recently at the kennels.

Saffie is a young female staffie full of energy and a big smile.

We went for a walk on a long lead to let Saffie move more freely, played with a toy and shared some treats.

This was also my first time with Saffie, a good opportunity to assess her around an unknown Human. And she was super friendly.

We also assessed Saffie in the presence of another dog, which was one of the main concerns as we had received some information on this topic which was not very positive.

Although soon we realized that all was good, Saffie did pull and barked a few times at another dog but it was just excitement and eagerness to meet the dog.

Once she made contact, she sniffed the other dog and without creating any problem, she came with me when I asked her to.

Obviously, this is not enough to have the final conclusion and we should assess her in a different environment and dogs, but it is a good sign that there should not be a problem to have Saffie around other unknown dogs.

It is also important to notice that, sometimes, certain behaviours like lunging or barking are not “Aggressive Behaviours” but simply a response to Excitement which has a completely different function.

Nevertheless, being able to make the distinction between both without running high risks is extremely important for the dog being assessed and all the parts involved.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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