Step by Step, Working with Bronson the Staffie

Yesterday I had another session with Bronson.

Bronson is a rescued Staffie who sees unknown dogs and some humans very dangerous and will try to defend himself if needed.

To provide the best learning environment for Bronson and his mom we are working in a secured field at this stage so that both can relax and focus on the task in hand.

We humans also adapt our behaviour to our experiences, just like dogs. And is not uncommon to hear the stories of my clients becoming nervous and stressed as soon as they step a foot out of their door, see another dog at 200m away or runner in the same path as them, expecting their dog to react aggressively to those (possible) triggers and maybe even create damage to some other being.

This is fully understandable and I have full compassion for those who experience such situations and emotions.

Although, remaining in this cycle is only going to further damage the dog, and the human, and also their relationship.

Instead, we should break the cycle. We must control the environment so that we can control our learning experience, and the dog’s learning experience, and also the experience the dog has with us in “those” events.

Nothing changes if all is done in the same way. No matter what it is.

And is also worth to mention, change must be done step by step, for both the Human and the Dog.

That is exactly what we did in our session, that is exactly what we tried to provide for Bronson.

Step by Step, at his own pace.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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