Rusty, Aggressive Behaviour around Food

Short clip of yesterday’s session with Rusty.
Rusty has been showing aggressive behaviours towards his family when around his food.
Aggressive behaviours around food or other items appear when the Dog believes that he will lose the resource and needs to protect it from others.
The worst thing we can do in these cases is to punish such behaviours.
This will only create more stress, fear, and damage the relationship between the dog and his family, and will not solve the problem.
What we need to do is to develop more Trust, so that the dog does not feel threatened when others are around his resources.
In this clip, you can watch Rusty and his mom implementing a simple exercise which will impact Rusty’s behaviour for the better.
Please, be aware that this is just one of the several exercises we will be doing throughout the process and is not enough to solve your dog’s aggressive behaviour around food.
If your dog is showing aggressive behaviour, please get in touch with me.
I can help.
Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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