A flower slowly blooming

Last Saturday I had another session with Bronson the rescued staffie.

If you did not see previous posts about Bronson, here is a short intro.

Bronson had a dark beginning and due to that, he is very unsure of other dogs and sometimes people as well.

He is a very quiet dog overall, walking slowly and with a low head. He will lunge and growl at other dogs from a certain distance and might feel intimidated by strange people if these do not respect his space.

Although, in our last session on Saturday, we saw a different Bronson.

We started by practising some lead handling skills and then moved to simple exercises to build a connection between Bronson and his dad and also to increase Bronson’s activity when outdoor.

During our session, Bronson searched for food, played tug, initiated play, walked freely and happy and even wagged his tail several times during interactions with myself.

It was beautiful to watch, just like a flower slowly blooming.

A previous trainer advised that Bronson needed to be corrected with a sharp “No” when he reacted. That is obviously unprofessional.

Using such methods is wrong, but especially with Dogs like Bronson, it is wrong and very unethical.

Bronson is obviously depressed and unsure of the world when out of his safe den (his family house) and what he needs is to develop a more positive perspective of life, grow his confidence, become more stable, trust humans and dogs and be able to control the environment in a more positive way.

That can only be done with loads of positive experiences which will help him grow into a stable adult dog.

Bronson is a very young dog, and he deserves a better future.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




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