Teaching Alfie to go to his crate

Good morning,

Here is a short clip of my session with Alfie a few days ago.

Alfie’s mom was having issues to have Alfie going inside of his crate and so we started to clicker train Alfie to do it.

This was a really cool session because just a few weeks ago when I met Alfie for the first time he was still very young and not so active overall.

In a few weeks, he grew a lot and is very keen to work with us!

Alfie’s mom did a great job during our session even though we started to use a clicker not long time ago.

Clicker Training can be learned by anybody who wants to learn in.

And by the way, No need to shout at a dog to do whatever we want him to do. We can teach them to do it in a kind and simple manner as you can watch in this video

If you have a puppy or an adult dog who is not following your daily life requests, get in touch, I can help.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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Connected Behaviour Non-Aversive Dog Training uses only non-aversive and science-based training methods under any circumstances with any dog while improving the relationship and understanding between Humans and Dogs. We focus on creating empowering, positive experiences for both Humans and Dogs as a practice to enhance the life of both.

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