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In first place, Happy New Year!

Below you can find what’s new for 2021. Some of the info below was already shared in my social media pages, but this link contains as well other info available ONLY for current clients.

I advise you to read your section until the end as there are some things that might interest you! 🙂

So, What’s New in 2021?

For Dog Owners

Fees updated:

– The Initial Consultation as a cost of £85 and Follow-up sessions have a cost of £165 per block of 3 sessions.

Services Updated:

– From this year, I will be Working Exclusively on cases based on Fearful, Reactive, and Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs.
I will still teach clients other skills that will aid the progress of the case and may be able to help in other problematic areas in parallel as well but every single case I will be working from now on will be based on Fearful, Reactive, or Aggressive Behaviour.

– I will be providing a “Day Training” service for clients located in Dunfermline.
For clients who may struggle to find the necessary time for training or might prefer a bit more help, I will be Available to Work Directly with the Dog Without their Owner present on every session. The initial consultation with the dog and owners will still be required in this case and there will be as well single appointments through the process to analyse the progress and “skill share” necessary skills.

The fees for this service are:
The Initial Consultation has a cost of £85.
Follow-up sessions have a cost of £165 per block of 3 sessions.
Progress analysis and skill share session have a cost of £55.

– I will be providing a “Dog Sitting” service for current clients (only), located in Dunfermline, as I know it can be extremely hard to find a qualified professional and a person your dog can trust. This service will be very limited so it needs to be booked well in advance. The fees for this service are £25/hour.

For Dog’ Rescues and Shelter Organizations

Services Updates:

I will be available to work directly with Dog’ Rescues and Shelters to help them find successful resolutions for dogs showing Fearful, Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour by working with the dog’s carer or directly with the dog itself to make sure the adoption process will go as successful as possible.

The fees for this service are:
Initial Assessment plus 3 Follow-Up Sessions have a cost of £200.
This value can paid in 2 installments.

Training Services for Fosteres or Adopters are not available until further notice

Thank you for reading.
And please get in touch if you have any questions!

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