Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Therapy is designed to analyze problematic behaviours in Dogs and create specialized behaviour modification plans to solve them.

The most common examples of problematic behaviours are:
• Aggressive or Reactive behaviour towards humans and/or other dogs
• Fearful Behaviour
• Possessive Behaviour (Resource Guarding) over food, items or places.
• Predatory Behaviour (Intense chasing of other animals, especially smaller ones)
• Destructive Behaviour
• Overexcited Behaviour around other Dogs and/or People

A Behaviour Therapy starts with:

Examination of the Dog´s life experiences and problematic behaviour(s)
• A One-to-One Session of 60min tailored to the Human(s) and Dog(s) being consulted to cover management plans and the foundation training necessary to improve the Dog’s behaviour.
A Follow-up Report of the Session

Price: £45

After the Initial Consultation:

 One-to-One Session(s) of 60min should be booked to cover in detail the necessary training methods and practice them in real life with the Dog.
In this hands-on session, the Human(s) and Dog(s) will be taught the necessary skills to be able to continue the training by themselves in a simple and kind way.
• A Follow-up Report of the Session
• Full email support up to 1month at no extra cost!

Price: £40 per Session

* After the initial consultation, the number of One-to-One Sessions needed to ensure constant progress in the Dog’s Behaviour will vary depending on the problematic behaviour(s)

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Cancellation Policy

•  All appointments must be fully paid when booking.

• After booking an appointment with Connected Behaviour, refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

Cancellations are only accepted if the notice is given with more than 3 days prior to the appointment. Once a cancellation is accepted the appointment will be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time.

• Appointments cancelled within 3 days or less from the scheduled time will not be rescheduled unless a new appointment is booked and fully paid.

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