Blaine, Over Stimulation around balls and Recall Issues

Good morning everybody, Here is a short clip of my session with Blaine a few days ago. Blaine and his parents came to see me because they were having problems with Recall. Soon we understood that the problem was not really “recall” but the over-excitement Blaine showed in the presence of tennis balls and thatContinue reading “Blaine, Over Stimulation around balls and Recall Issues”

Stanley the staffie, massive progress.

Stanley is showing Reactive Behaviour around other dogs and will bark, lunge, whine and spin around when he sees one. Although today we achieved massive success throughout the session. Stanley took food reinforcers which he did not do in our previous session. He was able to check a few dogs at long distance without showingContinue reading “Stanley the staffie, massive progress.”

Nero, Resource Guarding – Working on future Exchanges

Here is a short clip of my previous session with Nero. I posted about Nero previously, but if you have not seen any of the posts, here is a short intro. Nero showed aggressive behaviours towards his family on several occasions while he was eating food items and also when laying on the sofa. WeContinue reading “Nero, Resource Guarding – Working on future Exchanges”