Rusty, Resource Guarding – Building Trust around Food

Short clip of my previous session with Rusty. I posted about Rusty already, but if you have not seen it, here is an intro. Rusty was showing aggressive behaviours towards family members when he was eating his meals. He would use his body to block any approaches, eat faster if somebody would be in theContinue reading “Rusty, Resource Guarding – Building Trust around Food”

Dora, Reactive Behaviour – Developing Social Behaviours

Yesterday I had another session with Dora the French Bulldog. I started working with Dora a couple of months ago to improve her reactive behaviour around other dogs. She used to bark and lunge when she would see them at a good distance from her and would become quite stressed because of them. Over thisContinue reading “Dora, Reactive Behaviour – Developing Social Behaviours”

Nero, Resource Guarding – Building Foundations for Exchange

A short video of last week’s session with Nero. Nero is showing resource guarding (Aggressive Behaviour) around food items and also places like sofas. We have implemented a strict management plan to avoid any further episodes and started to work on the issues right away. We are implementing different exercises to solve the issues andContinue reading “Nero, Resource Guarding – Building Foundations for Exchange”