Aggressive and Reactive Behaviour is not wrong.

Dogs show aggressive and reactive behaviours to achieve an outcome. The majority of the cases that outcome is Safety. They want to protect themselves and feel safe, and for that reason, they show certain behaviours which can be problematic for us. Although, these behaviours are not wrong… Watch the video below to know more. LetContinue reading “Aggressive and Reactive Behaviour is not wrong.”

Rusty, Aggressive Behaviour around Food

Short clip of yesterday’s session with Rusty.   Rusty has been showing aggressive behaviours towards his family when around his food.   Aggressive behaviours around food or other items appear when the Dog believes that he will lose the resource and needs to protect it from others.   The worst thing we can do inContinue reading “Rusty, Aggressive Behaviour around Food”

Step by Step, Working with Bronson the Staffie

Yesterday I had another session with Bronson. Bronson is a rescued Staffie who sees unknown dogs and some humans very dangerous and will try to defend himself if needed. To provide the best learning environment for Bronson and his mom we are working in a secured field at this stage so that both can relaxContinue reading “Step by Step, Working with Bronson the Staffie”