Handout Two

Behaviour Problems in Dogs, especially pet dogs, are not uncommon and they can be a result of genetics, health and learning.
A. Genetics can play a part on what type of behaviours will be shown by each dog, and it is important to understand any influences these might have in their behaviour.
B. Health can influence the behaviour of dogs. A dog suffering from health issues may show “aggressive” and/or “fearful” behaviours that are labelled as problematic and when this is the case, addressing these health issues must be prioritized before anything else.
C. Learning is the biggest reason for behaviour problems. Dogs are learning every day at every moment, and sometimes that same “learning” is not helping them develop the skills we wish they had.

Changing Behaviour in the majority of cases requires controlling the dog’s experiences so that what they will learn is going to develop the skills that we want them to have. That in the majority of cases will take time and effort but the results will be worthwhile once achieved.

I Am Here To Help You, and your dog be successful. And your success is my biggest success. But I would like to remind you that changing behaviour is NOT easy, and you will need to follow my advice throughout the process, and implement the training exercises when needed.

Factors for Failure can be a few, but in reality, the most common ones are the client’s inability to manage the dog’s experiences, and also follow up with all the necessary steps of the training process from start to end.

Factors for Success are simple. Follow my advice, and when you cannot, please let me know so we can find alternatives. Implement the training exercises regularly, every few days. Keep your dog away from problems, manage his experiences. Take notes and do your best, your Dog will love you even more for that.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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