“Took our pup to Ricardo this week and can’t recommend him enough. Having dogs most of my life I thought I was pretty clued up but this guy is on a different level!”

Ross McMillan

“Thank you for your session with Mitzi, it was amazing to see a complete change in her behaviour so quickly! It’s a true pleasure to watch someone so calm and knowledgeable working with dogs who have problems.”

Lynda Wilson

“Ricardo is Brilliant!! I brought him my very excitable “10-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she couldn’t control herself when out on a walk and had to say hello to everyone which was driving me round the bend!! With only 2 sessions Leia can now come to a sit and watch people walk past her which is an amazing improvement in such a short period of time!! Ricardo knew Leia so well and knew exactly what to do instantly. I felt he was very professional and gave me tips and tasks to do with Leia to continue her training. I would recommend Ricardo 100% to anyone that has a dog with behavioural issues.”

Emma Gardener

“Ricardo helped greatly with my dog who was reactive towards other dogs.
Lemmy is now enjoying his walks and becoming much more confident with other dogs, his behaviour has changed so much and for the better!”

Cassie Cattus

“Ricardo helped me with a few problems I was having with my Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, was very polite and enlightening about how I should approach and deal with my puppy’s problems. Positive training is the answer to a good relationship between you and your dog and I strongly recommend contacting Ricardo Ministro if you need help with training.”

Bruno Domingos

“I had 6 sessions with Ricardo and Dakotas behaviour has changed – she is now able to walk passed dogs without looking at them, is able to walk close to them and is making the decision to walk away on her own. Now I have the correct information to continue with her training. Positive training for me has built a better relationship with Dakota and a better relationship for her with other dogs. I would highly recommend anyone seeking help with their dogs to choose Ricardo.”

Cheryl Ross

“Our dog was mildly reactive. Ricardo helped us to help him be more relaxed. Ricardo was really easy to work with and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Heather Craig

“My reactive dog who doesn’t like strangers was completely calm around Ricardo. His knowledge and positive influence made for a great first session. Watching him interact with my dog and being shown steps to help her become happy was invaluable. Thanks again.”

Sandra Mitchell

This is a person I would recommend. No violence, positive work only and really deep understanding of what motivates your dog and how to deal with behavioural problems.

Anton Neledov

Ricardo has an impeccable work ethic, his training techniques are up to date, positive and he delivers incredible results. I would advise anyone to get in touch with Ricardo for training and educating their dogs.

Claudia Estanislau @itsallaboutdogs