The behaviourist


Ricardo Ministro, who lives currently in Poland, is a certified dog behaviourist by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) in London, United Kingdom and the main behaviourist and trainer for Connected-Behaviour.

Ricardo always felt a connection with animals from a young age, particularly dogs. For that reason, he started his studies at Steve Mann´s Institute of Modern Dogs Trainers, one of the most recognized dog trainers in the United Kingdom, and since then he never stopped learning.
Although Ricardo presently holds a Level IV on canine behaviour certified by the IMDT and OCN London he continues his professional development through research, courses and seminars until today so that he keeps the most up to date knowledge in dog behaviour.

Ricardo rejects the use of any aversive tools in animal training and believes that with the proper knowledge, any training or behaviour modification can be done without the need to inflict pain or discomfort in animals to shape their behaviour to our needs.

“A man’s power is not measured by his physics but by is mentality”

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