Training is taught through One-to-One sessions of 60min with the Dog(s) and their Human(s).
These sessions focus on a single topic per session and are designed to provide and develop the necessary skills for both Humans and their Dogs to achieve the best life they can have as a family!

Puppy Training – These are directed for those who understand the importance of starting the education of their new puppy with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools while developing their relationship in the best way.

Examples of necessary training to set the Puppy and their Human’s relationship to success:

• Clicker Training Introduction
• Connected Walks (Loose Lead or Off Lead)
• Recall
• Appropriate Socialization
• Cooperative Handling (Body Checks, Nail Trimming, Overall Care)
• House Training
• Basic Manners (Sit/Down/Stay)

Price: £30


Training for Adolescent & Adult Dogs – These are directed for Humans and their Dogs who are interested to acquire or develop specific skills necessary for a more Fulfilled Life.

Examples of Training issues in Adolescent and Adult Dogs in need to be improved:

• Mild difficulty to focus on their Humans around other dogs and/or people
• Pulling on the lead during walks
• Lack of basic manners (Sit/Down/Stay)
• Not coming back when called
• Too high energy levels
• Unable to Relax in the house

Price: £30



∗ Some dogs may show unwanted behaviours that are not a result of lack of basic training but a deeper problem related to their emotions and experiences.
In that case, there is a need to book a Behaviour Therapy instead.
Are you not sure if that is your case? Contact Now to get professional advice.

Cancellation Policy

•  All appointments must be fully paid when booking.

• After booking an appointment with Connected Behaviour, refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

Cancellations are only accepted if the notice is given with more than 3 days prior to the appointment. Once a cancellation is accepted the appointment will be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time.

• Appointments cancelled within 3 days or less from the scheduled time will not be rescheduled unless a new appointment is booked and fully paid.

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